Our contribution to the environment

If we can't leave a cleaner, more livable and healthier planet, let's at least leave it as we found it. It is in this spirit that we have set up some actions to make to make our contribution to the environment.

A greener plating

The plating of jewelry is very often chemically applied which is very polluting and the gilding often only lasts a few months. At manORibel, we do things differently by using a chemical-free plating process for most of our jewelry that produces zero waste for the environment and requires minimal water consumption. This method makes our jewelry not only more durable, but also more resistant.

Stainless steel - durable and 100% recyclable!

Unlike other materials, stainless steel is fully recyclable and can be melted down and reused without loss if properly treated.

Packaging recyclable

The use of plastic is an old story with us because our packaging is made from biodegradable paper and reusable pouches. We are aware that the path to 100% biodegradable packaging is possible and we have made this a goal.

Ecological expedition!

All your packages are shipped worldwide CO2 neutral, which means that the emissions generated during shipping are offset by DHL-certified climate projects.

With you we will get there

We are not perfect but we do our best every day to improve our jewellery, our packaging and our impact on the environment. There is still a long way to go but we know that with your help we will get there.

Quality jewelry made with conscience