MANORIBEL is an ethical and responsible jewelry brand that gives women a sense of confidence and femininity through minimalist jewelry that will perfectly match their everyday outfits.

Who we are

We are the opposite of extravagant jewelry and endless combinations of necklaces. We love minimalist, thin and understated jewelry that's just what it takes to bring out the best in you.

our muse

manORibel jewelery is designed for the woman who wants to simplify her jewelery collection by keeping only essential pieces that she can wear every day and in which she will feel beautiful, elegant and confident.

Your refined essentials

We want our jewelry to be timeless classics for you that will go perfectly with all your outfits, on all occasions, every day.

Timeless classics

In a world full of trends, we want our jewelry to remain timeless, simple enough to be worn on a daily basis but elegant and refined enough to give all your outfits a sophisticated look.

There is luxury in simplicity