Our values

MANORIBEL is an ethical and responsible jewelry brand that gives women a sense of confidence and femininity through minimalist jewelry that will perfectly match their everyday outfits.

Toxin Free & Nickel Free

We believe that jewelry is also part of skin care, which is why our jewelry does not contain harmful toxins that could cause you allergies or adverse reactions.

Ethics and eco-responsibility

We want to have a positive impact on the people around us and on the world we live in, which is why part of our income is donated to the YOHEDA association and our packaging and jewelry are recyclable or reusable.

Accessible luxury

Owning beautiful, quality jewelry should not be an unattainable luxury, but rather a simplicity to be enjoyed every day. That's why all of our jewelry is affordable so you can afford it without breaking the bank.

Refined simplicity

We love minimalist, fine and discreet jewelry that is just what it takes to bring out the best in you.

To be worn every day, for life

We know that jewelry is that little thing that adds the finishing touch to your style, that's why manORibel jewelry is made of strong anti-corrosion material that won't fade in contact with air and that you can cherish for a long time. long time.

Minimalist, ethical & responsible